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August 15, 2011
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Scar's Descendants Tree by Draco-Digi Scar's Descendants Tree by Draco-Digi
Edit: Ignore everything below :P

Why did this take so long? |: .....kay here's my tree thing that will let me explain my stuff about Scar's....Scar-yness xD


:bulletred: Kay, first of all, the lions in TLK act next to nothing like real life lions. There is no evidence at all to show that lions in TLK normally mate with all the females in the pride. We only ever see couples (Mufasa/Sarabi, Simba/Nala, Kiara/Kovu) and all that jazz. However, they ARE lions so its easier to bend the rules with them a bit. They also have that little monarchy thing going on, so the King mating with all of the females and having loads of cubs would completely mess it up as they'd all be fighting to be King/Queen and/or would be bitter and jealosy towards each other (like Scar with Mufasa).
In my own little world, the King and Queen get married and rule as usual. The King doesn't mate with any of the other lionesses and the lionesses are all allowed to go off at some point to find a mate of their own to have cubs with. This way, they'd be bringing fresh blood into the pride. And then everyone is happy!

:bulletred: In TLK, Zazu tells Simba and Nala that their engagement (chosen by their parents) is a ''tradition going back generations''. So for this, I believe that any princes of princesses born into a pride will be betrothed to another from a young age. In my fanverse, Mufasa was betrothed to Almasi. But I also decided that Ahadi chose a female for Taka and chose his cousin, Safi, to be his future wife. So Mufasa has Tau with Almasi and they both die. Then later he marries Sarabi and they have Simba. Shortly before, Scar came of age and was married to Safi. Doing his 'duty' he did the nasties with his wife and ended up with twin cubs, Kula and Tojo, but after that had nothing to do with them. Safi didn't try to make him do anything either, being his understanding cousin and whatnot.

:bulletred: Despite the monarchy and general rules of having a Queen and an heir, I thought it would seem more likely for Scar not to treat his rule that way. Inspired by A Game of Thrones, Scar treats his pride more like a.......brothel. Oh no! Well yeah xD I figured, what other reason would there be for Scar to be Nuka's father? Other than doing his duty with his real wife, he just 'played' with his lionesses when he was bored. And got an extra 4 little sprogs on top of his legitimate 2. And no, I don't think that Scar and Zira were ever in love. Zira was probably obsessed with his power and was in love with that, Scar just enjoyed having someone fawn over him constantly.

:bulletred: I made Kula and Tojo Scar's children because
a) Changing their colours to 'movie' colours make both of them quite orange-y. Tojo not as much but I figured they won't look EXACTLY like one parent. So they both look mostly Pridelander and get most of their features from their mother but with a fur-tone more similar to their father's.

:bulletred: I always thought that Zira and Scar were almost definitely Nuka's parents. I know its never said that Scar is Nuka's father but it isn't actually said that he ISN'T either. So Nuka looks like a clone of Scar (almost). He gets the inner ear stripes, red eyes, and darker/greyer fur from Zira. His thin black mane, base fur colour, paw markings, large ears, dark eyepatches, and goatee come from Scar. He's scrawnier than Scar and has messy fur and whiskers because he lives in the Outlands. Where there is less food. So Nuka obviously wouldn't have gotten much food, and with Kovu being the chosen one he would've gotten the bigger share anyway. So Nuka is a bit runtier than even his Dad.

:bulletred: Mheetu is of course Sarafina's son. But I made him Scar's son as well because of the larger ears, chin scruff, black outsider nose and orange-r fur.
I also made Vitani their daughter. I originally wanted Vitani to be Nala and Scar's daughter (as I had decided that Vitani would get her bright blue eyes from Nala's father) but I decided not to wreck everything in the tree too much. Plus it'd be weird for both Sarafina and Nala to have got with Scar S: So Vitani looks mostly like Scar with the large ears, chin, cheeks, nose shape etc But her fur is a lot more golden like Sarafina. She gets a pink nose from her mother and her blue eyes are a recessive gene from Sarafina and Safi's father (whereas Mheetu's eyes stay solid dark green for his whole life, and Nala is born with green eyes that fade to blue later on).
Vitani ends up with Zira becauseeeeeeeee; Zira started going....crazy after Nuka was born. She constantly tried to get Scar to make Nuka heir and she became obsessive. When Simba returned, she fled with some of the lioness mothers and their young cubs. But she was so obsessed with her beloved Scar that she didn't want to leave any remnant of him behind to be destroyed by Simba. So she murdered Sarafina and stole her newborn baby away. Of course, she couldn't take Kula, Tojo, Mheetu or Sabini cos they were all adults/nearly adults....

:bulletred: I made Sabini (from TLK6NA) the daughter of Sarabi and Scar because of her eyes. She looks like a clone of Sarabi (tho I suspect she was meant to look like Nala) but with green eyes. So I snitched her design, oranged her up and bit and gave her a teeny tuft of fur and handed her over the the tyrant King and ex-Queen :D I figured Scar would want to dominate Sarabi, and let her know that Mufasa wasn't King anymore and she should obey Scar instead, so he forced a cub onto her.

:bulletred: Kula was betrothed to Chumvi, who is the son of Asali (yay Scar's twin). Despite the engagement tho, the two of them truly grew to love each other. Tojo on the other hand was betrothed to Nala. See THAT'S WHY SCAR DIDN'T WANNA DO ANYTHING WITH THE YOUNGEST LIONESSES -> DAUGHTER/FUTURE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW.
Anyhoo, Kula ends up getting with Chumvi and they have a son, born barely a couple of days before Simba returns. Scar sees his grandson (Grandpa Scar hahaha) and sees how his fur colour is almost exactly like his mother's (he loved his mama :heart:) and shows the smallest bit of compassion towards his daughter and names the cub 'Kovu', his heir.
Tojo was intended to be the heir but he mated with Ezma, my version of Dotty and Spotty's mother, so yes he is their father (and I've named them Asri and Paka). And Scar got all pissed off that Tojo was playing with 'his' lionesses when Tojo had Nala all ready for him xD So Tojo was pretty much banished by his father, leaving Kula and/or her descendants to rule after Scar.
I haven't quite finalised ideas on how Kovu ends up in Zira's possession yet but it's definitely going to be for the same reason as Vitani.

:bulletred: LAST THING, reasons that Nuka doesn't try to get rid of Kovu.
a) Kula is the only person truly kind and caring towards him when he lives in the Pridelands. The other lionesses keep away because he is Scar's (and that weirdo Zira's) son, Zira only tries to force him to toughen up into a good heir, Scar basically ignores him because he's timid and clumsy. Kula, being the most gloried lioness because she is Scar's daughter, feels bad for him not having and love or friends and basically takes him under her wing. So seeing as Kovu is her son, Nuka refuses to so much as hurt him despite his jealousy.
b) Nuka is scared of Zira. Good enough reason D:
c) brain tired so I've forgotten my last point ):

Ehhhhh there's so much more to add but I shouldn't xD

The Lion King (c) Disney
Art/few characters/designs/theories (c) :icondraco-digi: and whoever else has similar/the same as some of them. I dunno /:
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PitchBlackTheCat Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
Cute, chubby lions! X3
Mandyfirecute Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Student
:D (Big Grin) you welcome
Mandyfirecute Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Student
vitani its not sarafina daugther 

Draco-Digi Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol thanks for that input. It was just a theory though. If you've bothered to look at anything new of mine you'll see that I DO believe Zira is Vitani's mother.
demonlovers Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
amazing work
VitaniZiraBubblegum Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmmm.... Vitani being Sarafina's daughter, interesting theory, I quite like it, certainly more then the Nala's daughter idea (Which I hate!)
WhiteWolf113 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
Why everyone keep thinking that Kovu was Kula's son?
Draco-Digi Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's just a fun idea. I keep wanting to come up with something more gritty but I'm too attached to this idea now. To compensate, Kula dies shortly after Kovu is born...oops
WhiteWolf113 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
But...Zira was his mother and unknown lion was his father yeaa?
Draco-Digi Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That's what the movie showed. But Kovu was described by some producer or director or some other behind the scenes guy as an 'orphan' so I thought it'd be fun to play with that.

Totally thinking of coming up with two different TLK fanverses just so I can try out different theories. The other 'world' WOULD have Zira as his mother though :)
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